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With the President of the Association Poland-Italy

Cracow 2003,  Old Synagogue

Moje koncerty w Krakowie:

      Filharmonia Krakowska,

      Zamek na Wawelu,

      Muzeum Narodowe w Sukiennicach (Koncert odbyl sie dwukrotnie ze wzgledu na pelna sale),

      Wielokrotny udzial w Festiwalu  “Muzyka w Starym Krakowie”,

      Trzykrotne zaproszenie ze strony prof. Pendereckiego na masterclass przy Akedemii Muzycznej w Krakowie,

      Kursy muzyczne przy Towarzystwie Przyjazni Polsko-Wloskiej,

      Recital i wywiad w Telewizji Polskiej Krakow.

Liczne recitale odbyly sie rowniez w:

      Filharmonii w Warszawie i we Wroclawiu,


      W ramach Festiwalu Francuskiego,

      Na Festiwalu w Lezajsku,

      Dla  Stowarzyszenia im. Fryderyka Chopina

      Nagrania, wywiady i koncerty dla Radia Rzeszow

Koncerty i kursy w ramach Miedzynarodowych Kursow Interpretacji Muzycznych w Lancucie (ostatnio w 2008 roku, masterclass i Koncert Galowy).

GALA CONCERT: Malaguena & Lauda a S. Francesco  (1200) :  



                                                                                                                         Sala  koncertowa Florianka - Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie




                                                                                       13 Nov 2011

          Master class  Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie

        1981 Course of interpretation at the Academy of Music of Kracow,
                                          organized by K. Pendereck  



Cracow, Concert in the Wavel castle

Idem, Program

Cracow, Festival "Music in Old Cracow"


Master class, Cracow 1984

Olgierd Jedrzejczyk, “GAZETA KRAKOWSKA” - Cracow 18 August 1987

Cracow 27 August 1984

Zbignew Lampart, “GAZETA KRAKOWSKA” – Cracow 27 August 1984

Concert at the Lancut castle 1999

Guitar Advanced Course Lancut 1985

Festival "Music in Old Cracow" 1984

Concert at the Warsaw Philarmonic 1972

Lezaisk concert at the Organ Festival  1999

Tychy 1999


Warsaw, Concert for the Italian Embassy 1972


Wroclaw Philharmonic Hall 1974


Advanced Summer Courses

Session 2: 15 - 28 July 2010(Accommodation available from 14 - 28 July)
 Fees (subject to exchange rate)

Fees should be paid in Łańcut on the day of arrival or to:
Bank PEKAO SA O/Łańcut account no 981240 264311110000 3790 2201


An active participant has 5 individual lessons per session and 5 classes in chamber music. They can also observe other master classes, play in the course orchestra, attend aural training classes, presentations and concerts given by the leading students and members of the distinguished faculty.


An observer can observe individual lessons, attend aural training classes, presentations and concerts. Course participants up to and including 16 years must come with a guardian

On arrival at Łańcut please register in the Course Office at the Music School in the park around the Castle-Museum (entrance at 19, 3 MAJA Street). You will obtain a course card required for course admission and concerts and will be informed about the course schedule, room and board. Please note that on 30 June (Session I) and 14 July (Session II) the office will be open from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. Session I (1-13 July) and Session II (15-27 July) begin at 10.00 am on 1 July and 15 July respectively.

Please remember to bring your instrument, your music with piano accompaniment and one photo for the course card.

Application forms should be sent to :

Prof. Krystyna Makowska-Ławrynowicz,
ul. Hajoty 56/1,
01-821 Warszawa,
tel./fax (+48 22) 834 23 03
e-mail:    web site: