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“ Press notices that preceded Massimo Gasbarroni’s arrival were so full of such phrases as “ true virtuoso”, ”sensitive interpreter”, ”complete mastery”, “brilliant technique”, “one of the finest” and “superb artist” that a worldly-wise Beirut public was inclined to suspect this was going a bit far to describe a player of a relatively minor instrument, the classical guitar. After Gasbarroni‘s recital in the Assembly Hall however, the audience was convinced that words are all inadequate. The satisfaction that Gasbarroni gives his hearers is beyond the power of speech to convey”.
George  Miller, American musicologist at the "American University of Beirut"

            “In his recital at the AUB Assembly Hall Gasbarroni confirmed the impression of those who had heard him before that he is one of the most outstanding contemporary guitarists and drew from those who heard him for the first time such comments as “ This is the only classical guitar recital I’ve ever enjoyed.
The secret of Gasbarroni’s attraction is not his technical brilliance, the breath of his tonal range, and his grasp of the harmonic resources of his instrument alone; it is above all his attitude towards his talent and the music he plays. Like Segovia, who was one of his teachers, Gasbarroni does not force himself on his listeners by dazzling virtuoso display. Instead, he quietly invites us to share with him the delight he has found in exploring the magic lands of the composers’  imaginations.
Such an approach is as rare as it is irresistible, and it makes M. G. appearance in Lebanon  one of the most eagerly-awaited events of the season.

                                                   George  Miller                                                                                        


"MONDAY MORNING" November 1980. (1st page)

"MONDAY MORNING" November 1980. (2nd page)

AUB (Univ.)Beirut 1980  - Guitar Seminar

Concert for the UN forces in Lebanon 1980

"LA REVUE DU LIBAN" - Concert in Kaslik, Lebanon 1988

SEMINAR at USEK (Beirut Univ.) 1988 - with Prof. J. Ichkanian

by ITALAIR, Nakoura South Lebanon, 4 1980



Beirut 1988 "LE REVEIL"

Beirut, Prof. Samir Thabet Vice President of American University

Beirut, USEK Univ. La Revue du Liban "UN RECITAL MEMORABLE"

Beirut, "Monday Morning", Dec.1981

Beirut - "L'ECUME DES JOURS", 3rd tour in Lebanon

Leave-taking - Nakoura (concert for the UN Forces)
Gen. Jerskin. Commandant and Maggiore U.Taddei (Italian ITALAIR)

With the UN Forces Commandant and and the Italian "Heliwing Italair" Comm.